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Dinh Vu DAP: A successfully year

Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh President & CEO of Dinh Vu DAP Joint Stock Company said, in 2013 the company will strive to run 100% of design capacity, with output of 330,000 tons of DAP fertilizer. Plan expectation of company in the first quarter of 2013, DAP production reach 82,500 tons, the sales volume in the first quarter reach 90,000 tons.

This is not just confidence but also reflect the maturity and growth of the Dinh Vu DAP after a short period of time was put into production and join with market DAP fertilizer. This also comes from the results of the business in 2012 that staff offical and employee of the company feel proud. Plans to produce 283,000 tonnes of DAP fertilizer are completed with high quality. Moreover, consumption is also significantly improved through each month, inventory output of the end of 2012 just over 40,000 tons.

Two big problem of company in 2012 was devoted to ensure the quality of DAP fertilizer in all aspects, to meet the requirements of users, operating equipment with safety, efficiency, maximize productivity and bring the Dinh Vu DAP products to farmers throughout domestic and international market.

Product quality, complex fertilizer Dinh Vu DAP has been recognized by scientists and tested on real multi-factor supply, nutrient-rich, nitrogen and phosphate up to 61%. Thus, helps plants grow fast development, increase productivity and quality of agricultural products, increase resistance to weather, pest limit, can be applied directly to all the crops in accordance with all soil in Vietnam.

In 2012 was also the year that Dinh Vu DAP fertilizer has created a new image for farmers in all three regions. To farmers understand the features and benefits of the Dinh Vu DAP, company promotional campaigns widely on the mass media and participated in many conferences, seminars and fairs.

Dinh Vu DAP is a strong step forward in 2013. More impressive is the company secured employment for employee with relatively high average income of nearly 700 employees. Successfulness and effectiveness are creating momentum for the company entered a period more stability and sustainable development.

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