Vinachem: Deploying Task Conference in 2015

03:16' PM - Wednesday, 21/01/2015
Morning Jan 17, 2015, Vietnam National Chemical Group has organized the Conference to deploy task of 2015 assessing the results of the 2014 and deploying task for 2015.

Attending the conference consist of: Mr. Tran Tuan Anh - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hong - Deputy Chairman of Vietnam General Confederation of Labour; Mr. Ly Quoc Hung - Chairman of Vietnam National Union of Workers in Industry and Trade; the leaders and experts of the Party Central Office, Office of the President, Office of the Government …

About Vinachem has: Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung, Chairman of the Board Members; CEO and General Director Mr. Nguyen Gia Tuong; Deputy General Director, Chairman of Vietnam Industrial Chemical Trade Union, members of Board Members; and representatives of functional units and the leadership of unit members of the group …

In 2014 still a difficult year for Vietnam's economy in general and Vinachem in particular. But, in the spirit of maximizing the advantages and overcome the difficulties of 27,000 staff officers and employees, Vinachem has completed the planned targets in production and business activities.

We can say that the basic target of production business and revenue of Group 2014 reaching plan, of which: the industrial production value reached 42,392 billion VND, up 2.2% compared with 2013; Revenue reached 46,016 billion VND, up 5% compared with 2013; paying for State budget 2,523 billion VND, equivalent to 2013; Profit reached 2,776 billion VND; the average income reached 7 million per person per month.

On the production of major products, Vinachem hits the target production business of fertilizer production is equivalent to 2013, of which; superphosphate reached 978 thousand tons, by 99.2% compared with 2013; FMP reached 580 thousand tons, by 108.1% compared with 2013; urea fertilizer over 546 thousand tons, by 109.1% compared with 2013; DAP reached 284.421 thousand tons, increased of 31.3% compared with 2013 and NPK fertilizer at nearly 1.9 million tonnes, by 100.8% compared to 2013; pesticides nearly 16.7 thousand tons, by 96.5% compared with 2013; detergent and electrochemistry, chemical products, industrial gases equivalent the previous year.

In addition to promoting the production and business activities, in 2014, the Group has actively implemented in investment construction with value 5,868 billion VND, by 95.3% of the plan.

The implementation of restructuring the Group is promoted and achieved positive results, in which the Group has completed the equitization of two companies according to the plan; implementing divestment of 7 company with record value 407 billion VND (reached 62.4%).

Based on the results of 2014, Conference passed the orientation of implementing task in 2015: the value of industrial production strives reach 45,446 billion VND, up 7.2%; revenue reach 49,240 billion VND increase of 7%; Profit strive not lowe than in 2014 and income increase 5% compared with 2014.

At the meeting, Mr. Tran Tuan Anh - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade has highly appreciate about the operations of the Group during the past year; and Mr. Tran Tuan Anh also direct Conference in performing the tasks of Vinachem in the near future.

On this occasion, to recognize the achievements of a number of unit members achieved good results in production and business activities, representative of the Council of State emulation was awarded the Labour Medal for 04 individuals (in including 01 the Second Class Medal Labour and 03 the Third Class Labour Medal); awarded emulation Flag of the Government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Group for the collective and individual has excellence achievement excellence in the work, production and business activities.

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