CASUMINA to be a official distributor in the US

04:32' PM - Wednesday, 21/01/2015
Recently, CASUMINA has formally signed an exclusive contract distributor of steel products Radial truck tire, Radial truck tire Casumina brand to the US market with US TIREX Company.

In Jan 9, 2015, The signing ceremony between CASUMINA and US TIREX copamy (head office at 3310 S Archer Ave Chicago, IL 60608, USA) took at the factory Radial truck tire Casumina factory, at Binh Duong province and has attending of director of both parties. This was considered a great success of CASUMINA: become the first tire manufacturer's product VN is the official distributor in the US - a market that is very difficult and potential. And with the presence in the US market, CASUMINA has proven reputation and quality of products on the domestic market as well as the world.

Immediately after the signing ceremony, the both parties signed a commercial contract, under which 8 containe Radial truck tires Casumina will be exported to the US in 01/2015. Estimated total Radial truck tires Casumina full steel exports to the US market by the end of 2015 was 200,000 units, equivalent to 57 million VND.

Radial truck tire Casumina is products that CASUMINA investing and producing with modern technology from the developed countries in the world, officially commercialized in 09/2014, to meet the demand radial tires in domestic and international increasing. Currently, there are three lines Radial truck tire Casumina products Greenstone, Bluestone and Redstone. The Radial truck tires Casumina are able to adapt to many conditions on terrain, roads and meet all the stringent requirements for safety, running high speed as the US market. Reportedly, before entry into US market, the Radial truck tire Casumina has achieve the standards prescribed by the US Ministry of Transportation.
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