EPC contract signing ceremony project on rock salt exploitation and processing in Lao PDR

04:21' AM - Monday, 17/08/2015

On afternoon Aug 12, Vietnam National Chemical Group (Vinachem) and Viet Lao Chemical and Rock Salt limited company (Vilachemsalt) signed a contract package No. 10 - EPC on exploitation and processing project in Nongbok District, Khammuane Province, Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Attending the ceremony and witnesses were Minister of Industry and Trade Mr. Vu Huy Hoang; Director of Chemical Department Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh; Director of International Relations Department of the Government’s Office Mr. Phan Chi Thanh; Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung - Party Secretary, the Chairman of Vinachem; Mr. Nguyen Gia Tuong - General Director and CEO of Vinachem and the representative of Departments of the Government’s Office, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Planning and Investment ...

Expoiting and processing rock salt project in Nongbok district, Khammquane province, was signed concession agreement between Lao PDR government and Vinachem on 09 Feb, 2012.

With the authorization of the Prime Minister of Vietnam, On 04 Mar, 2013, the Minister of Industry and Trade signed a decision approving the investment construction project on construction No. 1284 / QD - BCT.

On 06 Mar, 2013 the Viet Nam Ministry of Planning and Investment granted an investment certificate for the exploiting and processing rock salt project in Laos. The project was also granted investment certificates, building license by Lao’s Government.

Based on Procurement Plan was approved by Vinachem’s Council member, Viet Lao Chemicals and Rock Salt Limited Company (Vilachemsalt) cooperated with Vinachem organized bidding package No. 10: design, supplying equipment, construction, training, technology transfer, test run, booting the system, check and take over the plant.

Bidding package was implemented in the form of international bidding. When closed bidding, there were 08 bidders purchased bidding documents and 02 bidders submitted valid bidding documents.

During bidding organization, Vilachemsalt, Vinachem and the partners participate in bidding were organized and effectuated faithfully according to the law in force of two country.

In the bidding evaluation, Vilachemsalt and Vinachem organized assessing according to the law in force, openness, transparency and fairness to all bidders.

Based on the results of the evaluation bidding, on Apr 24, 2015, Vinachem’s Council Members decided approving the results of bidding package No. 10 -EPC. The bidder wined the bidding package was the Join – venture Contractors K-UTEC-TTCL-CECO, with bidding prices was 334.2 million USD. Implementation contract period is 40 months.

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