VINACHEM: Begin construction of exploiting and processing salt mine project in Lao PDR

04:20' PM - Tuesday, 15/09/2015

On Sep 13, 2015 Vinachem organized the start work ceremony of exploiting and processing salt mine project in Nongbok district, Khammuane province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Attending the ceremony were Prime Minister Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung; Mr. Thoongsing Thammavong – Prime Minister of Lao PDR, Mr. Sommsavad Lengsavath – Deputy Minister of Lao PDR, leader of cooperation department between Vietnam and Lao, Lao’s ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary in Vietnam; Ministers and representatives of Government’s Official of two country, The ambassador of Thailand in Lao and the leaderships and representatives of contractors.

At the ceremony, on behalf for Vinachem, Director and CEO Mr. Nguyen Gia Tuong reported summarizing project.

The Lao and Vietnam Government granted investment licence to the project in 2013.

A joint venture of TTCL-K-ETEC CECO won the bidding with value of $334.2 million within 40 months.

Exploiting technology according new technology of Germany, safety and friendly with environment.

This project is a large project with total investment 522 billion USD and has a specially important to development strategy of Vinachem, is the basic to affirm Vinachem importance to lead in chemical production, fertilizer and project contribute to promote development social economy of Lao PDR, strengthen the relation between two country.

Deploying project in schedule, Vinachem suggested Lao’s government agency help to clear the ground of project and make the advantage condition to import machine, material, equipment for the project.

Said in the ceremony, Prime Minister Mr. Thoongsing Thammavong stressed the exploying and processing salt mine project in Khammuane province by Vinachem‘s contractor is the project with modern technology, contribute promoting and developing social economy of Lao.

Mr. Thammavong praised and highly appreciated contractor in close co-operation with Lao to deploy put project into start construction in schedule.

Mr. Thammavong believe experience of experts, engineers and workers of Vietnam, project will run into operation at the earliest, make employment to employees of Khammuane province, contribute developing Lao’s economy.

In ceremony, Mr. Dung said rely on co-operation closely between Party, Government, enterprises community and citizens of two country, co-operation economic relation, trade and investment between Vietnam and Lao to be expansed and developed.

Mr. Dung emphasized “investment project of Vietnam’s enterprise to Lao not only purely economic operation, also manifest high esteem of Party, State and Vietnam’s people with Lao brotherhood and actively contribute in social economy development of Lao PDR ”.

According to Mr. Dung, exploying and processing salt mine project is the key project, in programming development of chemical industry of Vinachem. Project is a company, and a part of Lao economy, when run into operation will take a huge interest to two countries,in which khammuane province, contribute to make employment, increasing source of state budget, to hand over technology, promote developing local social economic.

On the other hand, project promoting bilateral co-operation between two countries, strengthen and developing friendly traditional relation, solidarity and co-operation between two countries.

On behalf of governmet and people of Vietnam, Mr. Dung thank to Party, State, Government of Lao PDR has made advantage condition to Vietnam’s enterprise to invest in Lao and deploying project on rock salt exploitation and processing in Khammuane province.

Mr. Dung suggest Lao’s government permit Vinachem continues to deploy project in larger ground to ensure material source, has mechanism, preferential policy about tax, procedure for approval material, machine, equipment, procedure for ground tax and make advantage condition to employees, experts of Vietnam work in project.

Comprehending the direction of Prime Minister, Chairman of Vinachem Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung thank to interest and direction of Mr. Dung and Mr. Thammavong over the whole last time.

Vinachem ensure that deploying and constructing project in schedule, security for quality, absolutely safety, put project into exploiting effectively, to promote effect investment, contribute to develop local social economy.

In ceremony, Mr. Dung and Mr. Thammavong pressed start button to begin construction project on rock salt exploitation and processing in Lao PDR together.

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