VINACHEM: the deploying task Conference 2016

04:01' PM - Tuesday, 19/01/2016

On Jan 16, 2016 Vietnam National Chemical Group (Vinachem) organized a conference to summarize the evaluation in 2015 and deploying the task of 2016.

Attending in conference were Mr. Dang Ngoc Tung - Member of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of Vietnam General Confederation of Labour; Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade; leaders and representatives and experts of the Party Central Office, Office of the President, Office of the Government, the Central Emulation and Commendation, Vietnam General Confederation of Labour…

About representatives leadership of Vinachem were: Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung, Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board Members; Mr. Nguyen Gia Tuong, CEO and General Director, representatives and the leadership of unit members...

2015 continues to be a difficult year for Vietnam's economy in general and Vinachem in particular. However, with the outstanding efforts of whole leadership, office staff and employees, Vinachem very proud to have overcome these difficulties to complete the planned targets in production and business activities including: industrial production value calculated at current prices reached 44,216 billion VND, up 5.4% compared with 2014. Revenue reached 45,592 billionVND, up 2% compared to 2014. Contributing to State budget reached 1,794 billion VND, profits reached 1,658 billion VND. Import-export turnover reached 516 million USD, of which the total value of exports reached 268 million USD, up 18.2% compared with 2014; import reached 248 million VND, down 5.1% compared with 2014.

About production and main commodity, Vinachem production value equal the previous year, in which: super phosphate reached 880.8 thousand tons, by 90.3% compared with 2014; FMC fertilizer reached nearly 515.3 thousand tons, by 88.6% compared with 2014; urea reached nearly 610.5 thousand tons, by 111.3% compared with 2014; DAP reached 466.6 thousand tons, by 163.8% compared with 2014 and NPK fertilize reached nearly 1.8 million tonnes, by 93.7% compared with 2014. Total production of pesticide reached 16.1 thousand tons, by 96% compared with the year 2014. The production output of automobile tires, batteries of all kinds, detergents, chemical products, industrial gases are increase compared with 2014.

In 2015, in addition promoting production and business activities, the Group has actively implemented in construction investment with capital is 2,774 billion VND, reached 90.2% of plan.

Based on the results of 2015, Conference passed the orientation of deploying task in 2016 with the targets: industrial production value in current prices reach 49,981 billionVND, up 10, 8%; revenue reache 50,455 billion VND, up 10.7%; Profit reach 1,827 billion VND, up 10.2% and salary of employees striving up more than 5% compared with 2015.

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