Domestic market conquered to meet integration requirements

05:09' PM - Friday, 30/08/2019

After 10 years since it was launched, the campaign “Vietnamese people prioritize the use of Vietnamese goods” has attracted attention and response from the people, businesses and localities, while creating a strong spillover.

As assessed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), in the past decade, units in the industry and trade sector have closely followed the spirit of the campaign and the MOIT’s action program in response to the campaign, and have made significant efforts in the implementation, thereby achieving a lot of encouraging results.

A series of activities have been widely organized across the fields. Up to now, the domestically manufactured products have won increasing appreciation in terms of quality. The essential consumer goods increasingly account for a high proportion in both traditional and modern distribution systems.

Currently, Vietnamese goods occupy a high proportion in the domestic market, from 80% to over 90% in modern distribution channels, and 60% or above in traditional retail channels.

These positive changes have contributed to effectively completing economic indicators, curbing inflation, stabilizing the macro-economy, and reducing trade deficit towards a trade surplus. The total circulation of retail goods and services has posted an annual growth rate of 10% since 2009.

In order to support businesses in accelerating the distribution of goods to rural areas and well meeting the people’s needs, the MOIT will organize a distribution system for Vietnamese products under the name “Proud of Vietnamese goods”, with the sites selling Vietnamese goods being not only in cities, but also in remote, isolated, border and island areas.

In order to effectively implement the campaign in the new period, the MOIT will propose to the Government to issue a strategy to develop the domestic market up to 2025, with a vision to 2035, focusing on domestic trade promotion measures, the formation of a healthy distribution network, the promulgation of goods standards in line with international commitments, aiming to gradually control imports and market order.

In addition, the ministry also encourages the establishment of wholesale and retail associations in regions and by commodity; facilitates the development of various types of commercial enterprises trading in specialized goods and general goods, modern retail commercial companies and logistics service enterprises; and connects production-processing with farm produce consumption, thus forming the value chains of Viet Nam-branded goods of the industry and trade sector. - Source: VGP News -

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